Aurora And Volcanic Dust Moon Set
Taken by Brian Whittaker on September 6, 2014 @ Near Iceland -Airborne 37,000 feet. (North Atlantic Ocean)
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About 500 miles southwest of Iceland I recognized a much redder then usual Moon set, especially with its reflection upon the Ocean below. I strongly suspect that it was caused by the recent releases of Volcanic dust and aerosols from Iceland.

As a reminder, I have reposted a few images that I posted a few days ago, re: A volcanic plume resembling a white convective cloud sitting above the active fissure eruption of Holuhraun 4 Sept 2014, associated with the nearby Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland. Air traffic control reported it actively erupting to the north of the giant Vatnajokull Glacier and Grimsvotn Volcano which closed European Airspace back in 2011. This particular eruption today, which is monitored continuously and very closely, had no significance to high-altitude passing airline traffic.
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No dust or ash was emitted by this eruption up to now, so the effect is only because of the SO2 gas.
Posted by LandyGyebnar 2014-09-07 00:16:11
Landy, I agree that there is no ash and that is why I never used that term. However, since SO2 is a colourless gas I assume there must be some other agent responsible for the red color. I know SO2 can react with the atmosphere to give a white cloud like appearance, but still I assumed there was a missing solid aerosol or dust component to cause the observed Moon set. You can see a subtle trace of something from the mid-level of the day photo of the plume. Are suggesting that all of the dust responsible are as a result of the SO2 reaction to form sulphur acid aerosols? I would appreciate it if you later figure out what it might be or can clarify my understanding. Thanks
Posted by AstroPilot 2014-09-07 13:02:05
I have posted an updated volcano eruption photo of mine on
Posted by AstroPilot 2014-11-01 07:31:08
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