Aurora And Fireball
Taken by Donny Mott on February 24, 2015 @ Spirit Lake, Idaho
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  Camera Used: SONY ILCE-7S
Exposure Time: 5/1
Aperture: f/1.0
ISO: 3200
Date Taken: 2015:02:24 07:10:47
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Super bright meteor or rocket body breaking up over 4 images around 10pm.
5 second exposure 10 sec apart. Sony A7s.
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Great shots Donny !

As I said earlier, probably a rocket body reentry...

Could it be the CZ-4B (Long March 4) reentry, that was predicted in late 23th, early 24th ?
More details :
Posted by Sylvain 2015-02-24 10:06:20
Re-entry of 2014-088B / 40363m -- It was stage 3 of the CZ-4B rocket that launched Yaogan Weixing 26 on Dec 27, 2014.
Details at: which include some links to some very nice videos.
Posted by XB70man 2015-02-24 11:16:44
Above is the link to the timelapse from which the above images were pulled from.


Posted by DonnyM 2015-02-24 17:07:44
The bright bacground spots on these images, which look like stars, do not seem to correspond to each other from frame to frame. Are those star images or CCD-like pixel noise?
Posted by Muon27 2015-02-24 17:15:17
Trees match up though. Pretty cool
Posted by earleotto 2015-02-24 21:29:39
Donny, which lens did you use?
Posted by SkyPhotoss 2015-02-25 07:51:56
The lens was a Rokinon 24 mm at f1.4. There should be no hot pixels in the shot. Since I used the in camera noise reduction. The shots were only 5 seconds at ISO 3200. This camera does good even at ISO 12800.

Posted by DonnyM 2015-02-25 10:30:46
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