Merry Edenton-Wootens Pluto From 1995
Taken by Wayne Wooten on July 16, 2015 @ PSC Planetarium
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Merry did this oil painting for the Pensacola Junior College Planetarium production, When Worlds Erupt, in 1995. Too blue, too new, but still a young surface on the newest NH closeups.

Her portrait of Enceladus eruptions with Saturn in background from the same show was much closer to Cassinis discoveries in 2005, and was featured on this site then. Tony asked about Pluto in that report, so here it is.
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Forget the colour, look at those mountains man. Granted, she expected volcanoes, but the shape! How could she possibly know...
Posted by berndb 2015-07-17 01:38:59
No, I didt know ahead of time that there would be a spray
of water and particulates erupting in sheet form on Enceladus.
There were cracks and long fissures, so I surmised that if the
cracks on the surface of Enceladus had anything to vent, it would
be vented in vertical sheets under pressure built up from below,
and forced through the long cracks to form a sheet fountain.
(The images of Charon have some similar terrain, so, that may be
the way any volitiles there might erupt from similar fissures noted
in certain areas).
I was doing artwork for a planetarium program. Pictures give you
something to help capture the attention of the audience during the
dialogue discourse. I had several paintings of various objects that
were part of the (back then, automated slide projection) show.
I got lucky. -MEW (his wife)
Posted by wwooten 2015-07-21 08:52:47
You are truly an amazing artist. I am in love with the stars and space more than anything in nature. I can only imagine how cool it must have felt to hear the latest about the ice volcanoes and know that you painted what is happening now over 20 years ago. You truly are a talented artist and a philosopher.
I love the details in these paintings. I love how you have the water and ice spewing up in a line because you thought that is how it would happen. I also love how in the other picture you have the volcanoes look like what we would think of when we think of a volcano. I love the details in the background with the other planet and the many stars of the galaxy. You have the light distribution perfect and created such beautiful artwork. I really enjoyed your paintings.
Posted by Schyler0515 2016-02-19 00:26:13
The eruptions shown are now even more accurate, according to New Horizons photos just released in April 2016. Link to:

See more of Merrys When Worlds Erupt 2016 Gallery at:

Posted by wwooten 2016-04-04 11:01:05
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