Noctilucent Clouds
Taken by Matti Helin on July 23, 2015 @ Finland
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I had an idea for a photograph that emerged during the winter. Now was the moment for trying to get that idea into reality.

I arrived by the lake at around 1 am and saw that there was some dim noctlucient clouds near the northern horizon. I waited until they got bright enough and then...

Took off my pants (not underpants..) and started wading. The water got rather deep and it was surprisingly cold. When I arrived the place, got all my equipment set I saw that the nlc:s were overrun by regular clouds. I stayed in the waist deep water for a while, but no avail. The display was gone. I was frustrated, yes.

I got up from the lake, dressed up and went to get my camera bag. For my surprise
the clouds were slowly disappearing and a glorious nlc-display emerged. Dang. I was already feeling quite chilly but no can do. Back into the lake.

I was shaking but managed to hold the shaking during the 10 to 20 secs exposures.

Finally I felt like I had enough, got up, dressed, sat in my car and put the seat heater to the max.
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Thanks for all the likes :)

FYI the image is a focus stack made of five pictures.
Posted by Matti Helin 2015-07-26 06:05:57
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