Double Sun Halo
Taken by Richard Sears on February 23, 2016 @ Ballico, California, USA
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  Camera Used: Apple iPhone 5s
Exposure Time: 1/41667
Aperture: f/2.2
ISO: 64
Date Taken: 2016:02:23 12:56:21
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Ive been photographing Sun Halos here in Central California for years. I must say, this is the first. Wonder what is going on here?
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Actually there were three circles around the sun, and a very, vet faint fourth one You may read more about your display here A very good catch!
Posted by mila 2016-02-23 21:38:18
Dr Terence Meaden tells me
I know this one. It is extremely rare. I was fortunate to see it in 1974. Through the medium of the Roy Met Soc magazine Weather, I found others who had seen it. They all lived in a broad band right across southern England. I was the last witness as the Cs cloud moved eastwards. Three of us wrote it up as a paper published in 1974.

I refer to the paper The concentric halo display of 14 April 1974, by E.C.W. Goldie, G.T. Meaden and Richard White. WEATHER Volume 31, 304-312 (1976). As you know the commonest halo is the 22-degree one, and the 46 halo is very infrequent.
The ones that I saw between 1840 and 1905 GMT were estimated as 9, 22, 24, and 26/27---plus also the upper arc of contact to the 22 one.
Other observers also saw haloes at 18 , 32 and 46. Twelve observers in all. Furthest east was The Hague in Holland; furthest west was me in Trowbridge. We published sketches and examined the physics of the situation. We wondered whether numerous earlier condensation trails produced the pyramidal ice crystals of the cirrus and cirrostratus clouds.
Posted by Glaznoz 2016-02-24 08:11:34
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