Animation Of Lunar Umbra From Himawari-8
Taken by Shiraishi on March 9, 2016 @ Himawari-8
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Animation of lunar umbra passing on the surface of the Earth seen from Japanese satellite Himawari-8.

Unfortunately, from the ground in Japan, we could not see the partial solar eclipse due to total cloud...
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Delighted to see the Animation of images of Moons shadow on Earth - wonderfully highlighting and emphasizing my long held view that - during a Total Solar Eclipse, the real theater of action is the Earth. The Earth [and not the Sun and the Moon - not even a slightest bit] - that is affected during a TSE and many effects and phenomena occur on the surface and in etc. different regions e.g. atmosphere, ionosphere etc. during the TSE.
Wonderful image sequence. Congrats. Pl. let me know how to download the video from the website. Thanks - Satyendra Bhandari
Posted by Explorer2001 2016-03-10 00:08:05
Whats the other light that goes by
Posted by starcat2017 2016-03-10 05:14:58
Impressive satellite-loop. The other moving thing is the light of the sun, reflected by the surface of the ocean. In meteorological terms also called sun glint. Because the equinox is quite near, the sun glint is moving almost along the equator in this loop.If you look carefully to the image of 1040 UT (and those of 1020 and 1030 UT for a bit) the amount of reflected light is decreasing enormously, due to the presence of the moon, just in front of the sun.
Posted by Orion-stars 2016-03-10 06:28:39
Thank you, Explorer2001 - Satyendra Bhandari,
This video was made privately by composite 124 individual images into an animated GIF. The images were captured on the Himawari-8 official site one by one.
If you want to download this video (GIF), click THE image on this page, and open a new window displaying the GIF file, and download the file by right-click menu (save-as).
Posted by shiram 2016-03-10 06:42:36
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