Sprites Lightning
Taken by Ken Luo on August 13, 2016 @ Jiahe, Hunan, China
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Exposure Time: 15/1
Aperture: f/3.5
ISO: 1600
Date Taken: 2016:08:17 23:07:45
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This photo is a supplement to the Gigantic Jet photo taken by Phebe Pan a few days ago.

It was taken by another astronomy amateur in the Hunan province, about 100 kilometer from Phebe Pans location. He was also shooting at the sky and captured the same Gigantic Jet. The time was 22:43PM (UT+8), Aug 13, 2016
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The author of this photo is named Li Hualong, not me. I just helped him to post the photo here.
Posted by kenluo 2016-08-17 10:35:13
Ken...The exif data doesnt match and the the curve of the blue stream is opposite the curve of the Phebe GJ. Phebe GJ: Date Taken: 2016:08:14 12:58:44 and this is: Date Taken: 2016:08:17 23:07:45. This puts this photo 3 days after the Phebe GJ. The rising channel close to the cloud top is also different. Too many other things dont match up even the stars.
Posted by supernova 2016-08-17 22:59:56
Even if its not the same event, it is still a nice capture.
Posted by supernova 2016-08-17 23:46:11
The Exif data will only display the date and time set in the camera which might be wrong.
This can be controlled in the camera if it has not been changed since the picture was taken.
I am pretty sure this is the same event as shot by Phebe Pan as the shape and position of the dark cloud formation below the jet is very similar in the 2 pictures if you take into account some parallax between the locations.
The directions of the shots is also very consistent as the base of the flash in this picture is located close to Mu Sculptoris (RA: 23h 41 Dec: -31° 59) and in the picture shot by Phebe, it is located close to Lambda Piscium (RA: 23h 42 Dec: 1°52) .
By reinforcing this picture, you can also recognize the similarities in the general shape of the flash.
The blue and red colors seem to have disapeared, probably due to the distance and the atmospheric absorption. It might be possible to bring out some colors if it was shot in Raw format.

/*Peter R
Posted by Peter R 2016-08-18 07:45:02
The Data Taken information in the EXIF section of this page is actually the date time when this picture is last modified, not its origination time.

The actual date time of this pciture is: 2016-8-13 22:43

Posted by kenluo 2016-08-18 08:56:29
It is unfortunate that the stars are out-of-focus - much detail is lost in the jet. Great to at least get another image of this event, though.

Posted by owleye1 2016-08-18 11:15:14
Though the stars are out of focus, after enlarging the image, I was able to make out the constellations the northern cross or Cygnus the swan, Lyra the harp, Hercules, Corona Borealis, Sagitta, and Delphinus.
Posted by little jim 2016-08-18 21:55:40
@ little jim:
If you compare to an actual starchart, you will notice that this view is located in the direction but well below the constelations that you mention.
Posted by Peter R 2016-08-19 03:30:28
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