Auroras, Airglow & Milky Way
Taken by Mika-Pekka Markkanen on September 2, 2016 @ Harilaid Peninsula, Vilsandi NP, Saaremaa, Estonia
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Exposure Time: 30/1
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 5000
Date Taken: 2016:09:04 17:25:14
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I took a trip to Saaremaa in Estonia in search of some light pollution free skies..but the sky was full of lights, even without the moon and artificial lights: Auroras were blazing far in the north and rest of the sky was colored with Airglow and the Milky Way was shining majestically in between it all. Thats some light pollution I dont mind about! What a night!
Its such a shame that I really have to make a big trip away from Helsinki in order to find some really dark skies!

Taken with Nikon D600 & Samyang 14mm f/2.8:
ISO 5000
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Id say the trip was worth it. Completely, beautiful, and gorgeous night sky, with the added amazement. Colorado Springs is the same. You have to go far into the mountains to the west to see anything. Although Saturn, Mars and Anteres are amazingly bright. Very cool to watch them set behind Pikes Peak at 2am.
Posted by ghipszky 2016-09-05 17:54:27
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