Light Pillars
Taken by Thomas Jacquin on November 21, 2016 @ Whitehorse, YT, Canada
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Not to be mistaken for Northern Lights, these bright colorful stripes are called Light Pillars. They form during cold weather when plate shaped crystals float horizontally close to the ground. These crystals reflect the light coming from unshielded artificial light source (also know as light pollution) and make the light appear as if it was coming from the sky.

The different colors in this picture come from the various color temperatures of our street lights. The warm orange ones come from traditional high pressure sodium lamps whereas the bright white pillars come from new LED lamps.

While the new LED technology saves energy, it also increases light pollution and health concerns if the color temperature is not carefully selected. 3000K LEDs (warm yellow) are preferred over 4000K ones (bright white).
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Beautiful display. Yes, where I live they are replacing orange, low-pressure sodium with garish, white LEDs . . . anything in the name of saving money and energy. :(
Posted by owleye1 2016-11-24 10:11:03
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