White Light Flares?
Taken by Charles Chiofar on January 3, 2017 @ Buckley, Washington
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These images of the rising sun were taken without a filter using an exposure of 1/4000 second. After some contrast adjustment in Adobe Lightroom you can clearly see what appears to be solar prominences. These are more
evident in a rising sun and are almost impossible to notice as the sun gains more elevation because of the intense glare of the sun. There have been several papers written on the topic of White Light Flares (WLF).
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Looks like an aberration caused by something on the outer lens element.
Posted by kb9uwu 2017-01-09 11:50:38
just check soho images to see if anything matches...simple, done...
Posted by dougr855 2017-01-09 17:18:55
Rising plasma off the limb of the sun are called prominences not flares. Flares are a different phenomena. There may be several papers about white light flares but that would not apply to what you think you are seeing. Because you can see the same effects on the bottom side of the sun and through out the rest of the image I would guess this is scattered light from the lens.
Posted by cmharms2 2017-01-10 01:43:11
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