The Highway Of Geostationary Satellites
Taken by Pierre PONSARD on December 31, 2016 @ La Fosse (Manhay-Belgium)
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Date Taken: 2017:01:09 17:08:15
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During December 2016, I have tried to take IC2118 (the witch head nebula) in Eridan constellation in images with a 12 inches telescope.
I was (and I am always) surprised by the number of geostationary satellites I have seen on all my images. I have taken images of the nebula during 5 hours and I have seen 111 lines created by geostationary satellites (satellites do lines because the telescope follows the stars) !
I show you the raw image where I have the most important number of satellites : 7 (its a raw image of 3 minutes exposure).
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Well done, Pierre !
And how the Sky will be if some crazy guys do launch more than 4,000 satellites to provide Internet in a Sahara tent ?
I do hope the Community will reject those kinds of project.
Money, more money, thats all !
Posted by astrofrenchy 2017-01-10 11:08:20
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