Very Bright Iridium Satellite Flare
Taken by Howard L. Cohen on January 31, 2017 @ Gainesville, Florida USA
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Very Bright Iridium Satellite 83 Flare behind historic Kanapaha Presbyterian Church in Gainesville, Florida at 23:52:25 UT.
Canon EOS 5D II, 20-35 mm at 20 mm, ISO 250, 30s at f/4.5. (Enlargement cropped from original full frame.)
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Good to see you still have skin in the game. Sorry we lost John Oliver; he came to talk to the EAAA after his retirement. I am calling it quits August 8th, after 47 years in the system. E-mail me at and will send you an eclipse mug from my wifes Draco Productions when I have your PO mailing address. We have a lot of near Iridium and other satellite shots up on the EAAA facebook page at:
Posted by wwooten 2017-02-16 11:24:54
Howard, we are planning to start interviewing replacements for my astronomy professor tenure track position at Pensacola State very soon. If you know of any U of Fla folks interested in applying, call me at 850-484-1152 and will try to get them in the applicant pool.
Posted by wwooten 2017-02-16 11:43:07
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