Auroras, Sounding Rocket
Taken by Marketa Murray on February 22, 2017 @ Fairbanks, Alaska
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Selfportrait with 36ft rocket, launch on 02/22/17
We were waiting since 8pm, tuning to Poker Flat Research Range radio listening for launching rocket. Little after 1am bz finally went sharp south and they had the right condition for
Mission Lynch - ISINGLASS - Dartmouth
It was amazing to see and hear this 36ft rocket launch.
Black Brant IX is typical motor used in this sounding rocket
Two stage, Up to 13.6 m long; 2102 kg without payload;
Carries 159 kg payload up to 540 km altitude;
Carries 500 kg payload up to 230 km altitude;
Typical flight lasts about 10 minutes;
Impacts 50-150 km from launch pad
Mission: Lynch - ISINGLASS - Dartmouth
“The visible light produced in the atmosphere as aurora is the last step of a chain of processes connecting the solar wind to the atmosphere. We are seeking to understand what structure in these visible signatures can tell us about the electrodynamics of
processes higher up.” – Dr. Kristina Lynch
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Stunning & beautiful picture !!!
Congratulations ;-)
Posted by Sylvain 2017-02-22 07:45:59
Can you kindly comment on (approximate) total E.T. from launch to second stage shutdown?
Posted by ObserverXL5 2017-02-23 12:42:18
67 thumbs up
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