Amazing Lenticular Clouds
Taken by Alba Evangelista Ramos on March 18, 2017 @ Haute-Provence, France
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I captured these rare images of a flying saurce-type lenticular cloud from a moving vehicle on March 18 at 15:28 (GMT+1h) at the Observatory of Haute-Provence, situated in southeastern France near the village of St. Michel Observatory, Alps of Haute-Provence (Southern French pre-Alps) at +44° latitude and +5.7° longitude. Lenticular clouds are known to usually form when a layer of air near the surface encounters a topographic barrier and flows over it. The impact triggers a series of atmospheric pressure or gravity waves. Then at the crest of the waves, where water vapor is most likely to condense into cloud droplets due to very low temperatures, lenticular clouds form. This particular type of undulatus clouds is often mistaken for UFOs (or ‘visual cover’ for UFOs) due to its remarkable resemblance to a flying saurce. The formation captured possibly formed when the cold Mistral wind, that was strongly blowing over southern France, was pushed up and flowed over the 650-meter high plateau of the observatory. The photos were taken in auto mode with an iPhone 6 from (through the glass window of) a vehicle in movement on a road. Four photos have been attached, two of them being amplifications of the cloud seen in the two original photos (at smaller zoom). Processing was made with PhotoScape by cropping and resizing the areas of interest.
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