Live Solar Granulation !
Taken by Sylvain Weiller on May 14, 2017 @ Jerusalem, Israel
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This is how looks the surface of the Sun at high resolution during rather rare very good seeing (SSSMon best seeing =0.49) in near IR (720 nm) ! What is shown in the video* is a very small part - moreover slightly reduced size - of the FOV of the ASI 174MM sensor as the original full size movie for 20s recording is ~2.2 GB !). Please click on the video to see it only at 100% ! Now for processing the original movie to a still picture it has been first contrasted in SER-Player (gamma 0.10 & gain 145), registered in AS!3 (AP size 104), sharpened with 25% blend RAW, then Wavelets in RegiStax6 (020-100-318).
Setup : Meade 10 Classic with front aperture Baader D3.8 filter, SSM = Solar Scintillation Monitor, 3x 1 1/4 Televue barlow FL~7500mm), Near IR chinese 720 nm filter fitted with special ring, ZWO ASI 174MM B&W camera, JMI motorized focuser. FireCapture 2.5, 8 bit SER, 51 avg. FPS, shutter 3.5 ms, gain 50 (12%), gamma 1, histogramm =71%, time Mid = 052037 UT . * PIPP GIF conversion used parameters : Neural-Net Quantisation Algorithm, Smaller file size, unchanged Border tolerance 5, Transparent pixel tolerance unchecked, reduced Color table bit Depth 6, lossy compression level 20, resulting GIF size 4975 KB).
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how do you get your animations small enough using pipp to upload here? They end up being 80+ megabytes with 100 frames.
Posted by amplelight 2017-05-15 09:46:32
perhaps i need to upgrade my version
Posted by amplelight 2017-05-15 09:49:21
okay sylvian, im going to try the newest version of pipp on my windows 10 machine. i think my windows XP computer is missing out on some processing options that you utilize. I will try to replicate your animations with my 393 filter , tuned on the ferrosphere
Posted by amplelight 2017-05-15 09:51:31
Granulation is great BUT you do have large atmospheric motion. Hard to eliminate this when imaging the Sun at long focal lengths.
Posted by bwana 2017-05-15 13:20:33
Thanks for comments ! Difficult question !
Indeed Chris has improved the GIF conversion a lot (we collaborate BTW).
With the last version of PIPP (v 2.5.9) I did the following to be able to post something rather interesting (I mean not badly affected by compression) starting with a 460 MB SER file for 200 frames. First I used the very parameters detailed above then I cropped more and more until >= 5000 KB GIF file and finally slightly redimensioned (reduced) to pass below the limit for GIF posts) ...
Posted by sweiller 2017-05-15 15:03:26

Thanks for comments!
Yes all the movement we see in the animation is from atmospheric seeing ! But this is how it looks for us on Earth !
Softwares like AS!3 are able to reconstruct a good view (the still image) as the time of acquisition is short (20s) and things have not changed much in reality. Then for each alignment point the software do keep only the good parts of frames before stacking ...
Posted by sweiller 2017-05-15 15:08:07
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