Taken by Mark Seibold on July 17, 2017 @ Larch Mountain Oregon
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Aurora from Larch Mountain Oregon in magenta dome, with green vertical rays below, over Mt St Helens- with background of Seattles golden light pollution at 180 miles away, Mt Rainier, and Mt Adams in distant foreground. Andromeda Galaxy M31, and Triangulum Galaxy M33 in upper right sky.
I almost decided to leave after being there from sunset time on Larch Mountain until about midnight 12:45 AM. So after three hours of not seeing any real substantial Aurora, one young gentleman with a full frame camera said- Look, I can see it on my review screen right now! After standing there for 3 hours and talking to people, getting some others to take photos of Saturn with their long telephoto lenses and zoom it up to entertain the other couple dozen public there that had never seen Saturn through a telescope, nor the other young gentleman with the full frame large Nikon camera with his long 600mm telephoto lens, who were stunned when I showed them how to produce Saturn’s rings in a meaningful photograph. Id had about enough of my lecturing with hoarse voice, as another couple of women in silhouette at the far end of the mountaintop patio said- we came here to have some quiet meditation.
Just pointing out the Andromeda Galaxy with my laser light and getting people to see it as a naked eye object, entertained them, with also pointing out constellations. Another woman visiting from the Los Angeles area talked about knowing who Eugene Shoemaker was- the co-discoverer of Comet Shoemaker-Levy. She works for the NASA JPL Laboratory in Pasadena, and compiled the archive records of Shoemakers life. But they were really there at Larch Mountain to see the Aurora last night, so with disappointment, many started to leave about 12:30 am. Then lo and behold, I produced a meaningful panorama with several vertical rays and color. Although its a little rough, as the Sony NEX 5R with 18-55mm lens at 18mm, 25 second exposure, shows some noise at 1600 ISO, with nominal Adobe Creative Cloud processing.

art & photography by markseibold©1954~2017
all rights reserved
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