Solar Eclipse Pinhole Projection
Taken by Duncan Waldron on May 10, 2013 @ Brisbane, Australia
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John Stetson suggested using a vegetable steamer for safely projecting the Great American Eclipse. While that will certainly produce lots of bright images of the Sun, the holes might be a bit big for clarity. Maybe try a water biscuit instead: with smaller holes, youll see more detail of the bright crescent Sun. [I know that a biscuit in the US is what I would call a scone, but I dont know what you would call our biscuit!]

Smaller holes will give a fainter image, but it will be sharper.
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What an inventive idea you can have your eclipse and eat it too.
I plan to take my colander to work and strain the eclipse...
Posted by HP1954 2017-08-10 08:16:45
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