Solar Eclipse
Taken by Mark Rosengarten on August 21, 2017 @ Madras, Oregon
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So here is what happened. I had this little spot all picked out on Google earth between Madras and Warm Springs. Ive had it on the radar for the last six months and I scoped it out a week ago on my way down south to Crater Lake to make sure thats what I wanted. The road itself went into private property that was marked as private property. I did not want to step on any toes so I resolved that I would go there and if the owner came I would offer him some glasses and some prints of the photos I was going to take of his property. Well, after our conversation he invited me on to his land to stay over night along with his relatives and friends and view the eclipse with them. I told him my plan to photograph from his barn and he gave his blessing. So I slept in my car last night and I actually slept fairly well and this morning it was cloudy until about 20 minutes before the eclipse and then it cleared up except for a light haze of smoke. I had everything set up and I had my settings all dialed in and I had already tested everything to make sure everything was good and brand new fresh batteries in the camera. I ran through my checklist several times and did several test runs and everything was working fine. The practice paid off. I checked my camera and just from what I see there it looks like I got the shots I was looking for but I wont know for sure until I see it on a bigger screen. I also recorded video and that came out as well. I was all by myself in that field, exactly the way I want it to be. This was the very last of the four items I had set myself as a goal when I was a child to see in my lifetime. The first was a comet and Ive seen a bunch of them. The second was the aurora borealis and I have seen it a couple of times. The third was a tornado and, thanks to Roger Hill, Ive seen a few of those. The total eclipse of the sun was the last item on the list and, thanks to the generosity of some very wonderful people, I got to see it in exactly the setting I wanted and to get the photographs I wanted. I barely glanced at the cameras during the two minutes, all my settings were there and I had a remote in each hand and just pushed them while staring at the sight in the sky. I am going to have prints made up of the event and have them sent to the people who let me stay on their land so graciously. It may take some doing because I bracketed nine exposures and I want to make sure that the photos come out absolutely perfect. I fought five hours of absolutely horrifying traffic coming back to Portland. It was worth every minute. In the last moments the sky darkened so rapidly it was almost impossible to believe. A tongue of black licked over the sun which was only very slightly exposed at this point. As the tongue of black, the Moon, slid into place over the sun the corona became visible on the other side. Then the diamond ring glistened for a moment before totality set in. Inky black circle in the sky with a shimmery silver pearlescent ring around it from which emanated the tendrils, also silver pearlescent, of the corona. You could actually see darkness in the sky rushing in from the west before totality hit. Then, as quickly as it had come, The sparkle of the sun returned on the other side as the tongue of blackness withdrew and the world was once again cast into that faint otherworldly light. I looked for the shadow bands on the ground but they were nowhere to be seen. Thats OK, Ill try again in 2024. And if you havent, youd better try it as well.

This photo was taken with a Fuji X-T2 with a 100-400 lens. 7 exposures, merged in Aurora HDR as a flat image and edited in Lightroom.
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Thanks for sharing this beautiful image and the charming story.
Posted by abramson 2017-08-22 17:09:05
This is the closest image Ive seen online to what it actually looked like to the naked eye. If you display it on a phone and hold it above your head at arms length, its like viewing it all over again! Great shot!
Posted by Jah20 2017-08-22 17:32:51
Hi Mark,
Very nice image !
I suggest processing it, starting as it is now (but not the JPG if available) :
- in Irfanview / Auto adjust colors
I guess you will like the result ... tell me !
Posted by sweiller 2017-08-23 02:06:34
90 thumbs up
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