AK Auroras
Taken by Todd Salat on October 11, 2017 @ Fox, Alaska
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Exposure Time: 8/1
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 2500
Date Taken: 2017:10:12 08:00:16
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Powerful auroras double the viewing pleasure by reflecting on Olnes Pond, north of Fairbanks, Alaska, on October 11, 2017 beginning around 8 pm. This was an all-night, all-sky display that gave me “aurora neck,” a stiff neck from spending 10 straight hours looking up! To me the 1st shot looks like a raven’s head or at least its distinguishable beak. Probably because I see so many ravens everywhere I go in Alaska and I really enjoy their company. The 2nd photo was made extra special because I crossed paths with The Aurora Chasers, Ronn & Marketa Murray (that’s one of their tour group members standing along the shoreline on the far right). That doubled the fun!
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