Taken by Marianne Bergli on November 22, 2017 @ Kvaløya, Tromsø
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  Camera Used: Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Exposure Time: 3/2
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 2000
Date Taken: 2017:11:23 05:14:19
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A great night here in tromsø ,with the aurora still producing fantastic auroral displays for the second day and night running, from the impact of the gaseious substance which the solar wind has been carring towards earth from the hole in the suns atmstphere the past few days.
Producing these gorgeous pink green and white auroral displays that i managed to catch ,in-between working with the guests ,who where so exited ,that they needed help to catch the above display ,even though they where ready and waiting, they where just struck with awe and froze at the wonderful display that we see in the images above.
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Well done at capturing these images in toms region last night as it was not easy due to the extremely high gale force winds that reached 17 m/s .
I know, we lost a camera or two that was blown over and damaged.
Posted by 1HighKP 2017-11-23 03:55:50
That first photo, would also be a good photo to be posted again on February 14th (Valentines Day). Thats the closest Ive ever seen of an Aurora looking like a heart. Thanks, its beautiful.
Posted by JCloud 2017-11-24 13:09:03
Here is a haiku I wrote thinking about being present for these auroras:

Young sky falls to Earth
Like a watermelon rain,
The heavens crackle.

I hope you enjoy these words with these beautiful images!
Posted by autumnsfire 2017-11-25 10:38:49
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