Satellite Or Spacejunk Reentry ???
Taken by Frankie Lucena on January 18, 2018 @ Cabo Rojo,Puerto Rico
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This reentry lasted a little more than 12 seconds. My camera was facing west from Cabo Rojo,Puerto Rico. The event started at 02:52:56 UTC and ended at approx 02:53:08 UTC on Jan 18, 2018. It was traveling from southwest to northeast.

Hi-res video can be seen here:
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Update: I checked the Satview website and couldnt find anything and then I sent the video to the American Meteor Society and they say it looks like a meteor. The 12 second duration of this event makes this the slowest meteor I have ever captured.
Posted by supernova 2018-01-20 10:54:33
Update #2 I contacted the Aerospace Corporation and here is what they concluded:

We checked both Aerospace and Space-Track data and found no manmade objects reentering on the 18th. Our best guess is that this was a large, relatively slow meteor.

Thanks for contacting us.

Best regards,
Bill Ailor
Posted by supernova 2018-01-23 13:16:37
Update #3: I sent the video to Bill Cook at Nasa and here is what he stated:

Looks like an earth grazer - bright meteor with a shallow entry angle. That would explain the long path and duration.
Posted by supernova 2018-01-24 10:32:34
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