SpaceX Tesla At 3.7 Million Km Distance, Near A Nice Star Cluster
Taken by Michael Keith on February 19, 2018 @ I captured this series of photos from my cozy home office in New Jersey using a remote-controlled 0.5-meter telescope at the Chilescope observatory a few hours north of Santiago, Chile.
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When I took the images comprising this GIF animation (during the early morning hours of Feb 19th) the SpaceX Tesla was at a distance of 3.7 million km from Earth (a new record, of course!). Although it is was very dim (about magnitude 19.8) I wanted to try and capture it because it was close in the sky to a nice globular star cluster known as NGC 5694, which is in the upper left corner of the image. This cluster is much farther away than the Tesla Roadster, at a distance of about 115,000 light years from Earth.
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Be sure you notify the JPL Horizons people so they can refine their elements. The current trajectory tesla_s7 includes observations only through 14 Feb. The longer the span of time, the lower the uncertainty for future predictions.
Posted by ka9q 2018-02-20 15:30:33
THe orbit is updated up tol february 18th
Posted by cjacqueslf 2018-02-20 22:22:43
A great, along with older image from Feb 11:
I added an orbit overlay for Chilescope parallax. The position well matches JPL-sol7.
Its closest to the NGC5694 around today, although down to magnitude 20.3. Will you try any more wide angle shots like this? A narrower field view is still good with so many stars.
Posted by tomruen 2018-02-23 11:02:35
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