Taken by Sanjana Greenhill on March 25, 2018 @ Anchorage, AK
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This is the first time I saw Steve around Anchorage.
We noticed this perfect arch developing across the sky, it didnt seem like the aurora since it wasnt moving much. The arch got brighter and then faded and then got brighter again. And then it dawned on me, this is Steve!

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Rather interesting to see STEVE so far North, according to the studies STEVE is supposed to be related to the Southern skies. You should post this to the Alberta Aurora Chasers
Posted by HDT 2018-03-25 12:47:27
Sanjana,I got photos of STEVE too! Thought I was crazy, so Im super glad you posted!! Nice catch!
Posted by jr_spazr 2018-03-25 16:50:48
I found this picture very interesting. I am just a Star Gazer. I am an ex Trucker. I have seen clouds like these across the Upper Tier of the US and here in Ontario. Not knowing better I called it the Nexus as in Star Trek. Now I have some info on what it was I saw. Thank you for the pic.
Posted by Kitty 2018-03-26 04:04:26
Thank you folks! It was great photographing STEVE for the very first time.
Posted by sanjana 2018-03-26 11:58:20
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