Last Mars Opposition From ALMA
Taken by Petr Horálek on April 9, 2016 @ ALMA, Chajnantor, Chile
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On this image, taken on 9 April 2016 before dawn, the Milky Way arches over ALMA observatory – the largest ground astronomical observatory in the world, located in Chilean Chajnantor Plateau in 5040m (over 16400ft) altitude. Sky should be deeply dark, considering the altitude, however due to atmopsheric airglow it is not so far. In the scene, looking very similar like it was taken somewhere on Mars, some the 66 antenas are trying to reveal one of biggest secrets of the Universe, such as origin of stars, exoplanets and the Universe itself, in specific submillimetre part of electromagnetic spectrum. In fact, Mars in in the image as well – you can identify it as the brightest reddish „star“ above the center of the Milky Way as it was close to its last opposition. The other reddish accompanion to Mars is red giant Antares. In fact, the biggest one will occur this year in July, Mars will be closest to Earth since 2003.

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