Iridescent Sky And Bacteria Film Refraction
Taken by Ed Kreminski on May 12, 2018 @ Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio, USA
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  Camera Used: FUJIFILM X-T2
Exposure Time: 1/40
Aperture: f/22.0
ISO: 200
Date Taken: 2018:05:12 13:30:47
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While crossing a hiking trail bridge along the sandstone cliffs of the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, I came across this colorful scene along a creeks edge.

The Sun was drifting in and out of clouds that were causing some iridescence in the sky that was reflected in the creek. The rainbow sheen on the rocky shore is caused by a thin film of bacteria that lives off the iron leaching out of the rocks.

I wonder if an iron-eating bacteria will be found on Mars someday.
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I have tons of that here in Calvert County MD. Same iridescent sheen, interesting that its bacteria, always wondered what caused it. Here its found along the small streams/tributaries and cliffs feeding into the Chesapeake Bay. The iron precipitates into the sediment layer forming bog iron. Bog iron was valued during the colonial times as an iron ore source. Found a chunk so heavy that I mistakenly thought it was an iron meteorite, was excited until I tried the magnet test:(
Posted by barthchris 2018-05-13 15:36:31
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