Cell Phone Video Of The ISS And Venus
Taken by Norman Carlson on June 11, 2018 @ Near Tucson, AZ
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So Close- I was trying to record a transit of the ISS across Venus, and was only 30 feet from the calculated center line of the transit according to CalSky.com. I think the path may have shifted slightly between the time I checked it on-line and the actual transit. This is with a 6-inch Dobsonian (no tracking) and just a cell phone camera mounted to the eyepiece. Viewing was poor, with lots of desert heat waves, but Venus is evident as gibbous phase; the angular diameter of Venus is only about 14. Despite that, the general shape of the ISS is apparent. This is 11 frames stacked (every other frame) from the 60 fps video. The top section of the ISS in these frames has a definite reddish hue for some reason, so Im trying to find good detailed photos to see why; maybe its just the reflection of sunset colors on the back side of the solar panels.
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Found the answer to the slight reddish hue- lots of good pictures on the web of the ISS solar panels, which are a gold color on the back from one of the main materials, kapton.
Posted by NCarlson9721 2018-06-13 10:39:12
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