Aurora, NLCs
Taken by Catalin Tapardel on June 25, 2018 @ NE of Cherhill, Alberta, Canada
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What a great chase last night!!! As usually it is quite hard to chase the lights in Alberta in June, when you don’t have too much night time to play with, a full moon and not at last you are in a full stormy rainy season!!!! Looking at the promising data, I left home during the G1 geomagnetic storm and I was hoping the storm to last until was getting kind of dark in order to be able to get some nice shots. I started driving towards my common hideout but after 20Km I was realizing that the sky was kind of dark greyish with a storm brewing that direction. Saying that I just turn around and instead going east I started driving north away from the clouds. After 100km and a few stops trying to find a decent spot finally I decided to stop leaving most of the clouds behind. Watching the sunset was mesmerizing and as the sun was settled down the noctilucent clouds accompanied by Northern Lights where visible far at the horizon following a NW-W path. The NLC’s structure wasn’t to great but at least I was able to point them out. As soon as I got on location the data dropped sharply and I was able to get only the tail of the G1 storm. Around 3 am I left location drove around 30Km and watching the sky I saw the northern lights getting active again. I stopped the car and to my surprise I caught some elusive northern lights over the noctilucent clouds sitting also on top of a bunch of clouds where lighting was quite active. I was stunned by the fact that I was able to get in one picture the NLC’s, lighting and the Northern Lights. Despite the weak display of the Northern Lights I went home happy and couldn’t ask for more!!! (Nikon D810, Sigma Art 14mm 1.8, ISO 800 & 3200; 2.5 & 8 seconds exposure; 14mm; Nikon D800, Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8, ISO 1250; 1.3 & 2.5 seconds exposure; 14 & 24mm – NE of Cherhill, Alberta, Canada June 25-26, 2018).
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