Aurora, NLCs
Taken by Catalin Tapardel on June 26, 2018 @ Cherhill, Alberta, Canada
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Exposure Time: 13/10
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 1250
Date Taken: 2018:06:28 13:01:43
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How many times in a lifetime you can witness the northern lights, Noctilucent Clouds and a summer storm with heavy lighting all at once? That happened on the early hours of June 26th, 2018 NE of Cherhill, Alberta. In the evening of June 25th went out hoping to get something from the storm which already was upgraded to G1 level. After driving quite a bit north of Edmonton trying to beat the clouds I stop on one location with less clouds and more clear sky. Unfortunately the data dropped significantly and the storm died slowly. After 2am while clouds took over pretty much all the sky I started tracing back my way home and while I was driving I noticed that the northern lights came out strong again. I just pulled over a secondary road set up my cameras and started shooting again. By the time everything was up and running I noticed the faint northern lights and the lighting from a storm at the horizon, but the big surprise I got home while editing the picture and noticed that on top of the lighting storm, laid a fine layer of Noctilucent clouds and on top of them the Northern Lights. The lighting was coming every 10 to 13 seconds in big golden silvery flashes inside the clouds giving an eerie sceneā€¦. Looks like a tiramisu cake in layers one on top of each other, the lighting storm, Noctilucent Clouds and Northern Lights on top of them. Photos were imported and edited in LR. (D800, Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8, ISO 1200; 1.3 seconds exposure; f 2.8, 24mm- Cherhill, Alberta, Canada.)
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