Taken by Monika Landy-Gyebnar on September 26, 2018 @ Márkó, Hungary
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Date Taken: 2018:09:26 21:48:27
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Predictions for HTV-7 today evening wrote a much higher path, so I set my camera prepared for that, but HTV-7 did not appear at the predicted time and location. I was sure there must have been insufficient data to make a good prediction as the Japanese cargo ship would be docked on ISS in the morning 27th September, some hours from the time of my flyby, so it made sense that HTV and ISS would be seen much closer. And as soon as ISS climbed a bit up at the SW horizon I was sure HTV would follow it within a very short time. And yes, the cargo ship came 2 minutes after ISS, and their path differed only a little bit so they made an amazing flyby and they looked cool on the startrails image I made with them. (I planned to make a longer startrail pic but clouds intervened.)

Short timelapse:
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Great shot, Monika! Well composed, well balanced... Congratulations! : )
Posted by Piotr 2018-09-26 18:10:11
Hi Monica, this is a very nice composite image and time-lapse.
In the animation I was a little bit surprised at first that both satellites moved in the wrong direction but then I understod that you must certainly have been south of the pass.
From my northern location they always move from west to east.
HTV-7 has a short flash at 6 sec into the animation that also shows in the composite image.
Posted by Peter R 2018-09-27 03:39:20
Thank you Piotr, thank you Peter!
Peter, HTV had flares on all 3 of its passes above my place (from Monday evening to yesterday evening), some less bright ones and 1-2 ones well into negative magnitudes at each flyby. It was absolutely beautiful and somewhat surprising as it has no separate solar panel wings but the cylinder of spacecraft itself is covered by the small panels. It was also very reddish in its hue on the first two flybys when it was a bit closer to sunset in its timing. On Monday (close to Vesta, although I did not mark the minor planet)
On Tuesday:
Posted by LandyGyebnar 2018-09-27 07:10:33
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