Comet 46P Wirtanen
Taken by Johnny Barton on November 6, 2018 @ Robinson, TX
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Comet 46P Wirtanen getting bigger and brighter. 6X60 sec. Canon T4i @6400 iso, 12.5 Newt. 06:03-06:30 UT
Anyone know what the small smug in the lower right is? (planetary neb., galaxy or another comet)
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Very nice picture, still too low in Oslo, but it will soon be
spectacular for us in the northern hemisphere.

You also have the galaxy ESO 354-029
Class: Sc
Dimension: 1.1/ 0.8
Blue Magnitude: 14.16
Surface Brightness: 13.66
Radial Velocity: 10644

J2000 RA: 2h 01m 10.31s DEC: -33°1231.8
Posted by Odd_Trondal 2018-11-07 15:03:30
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