Venus And Spica Over Fog
Taken by OLIVIER STAIGER on November 17, 2018 @ near Cabanne Ayroz, Conthey, Valais Switzerland
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  Camera Used: Canon Canon EOS 6D
Exposure Time: 32/10
Aperture: f/inf
ISO: 1600
Date Taken: 2018:11:17 05:29:49
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Wanted to try to see comet V1 again this morning... drove uphill.. but realised that fog was starting to form at my target location , so I decided to drive higher... arrived near 2000m elevation, above tree limit, above fog... started shooting timelapse and realtime video of fog at night... an a few photos, too... completely forgot about the comet , hahahaha... next night for comet, with Leonids, and V1 will be next to Heze... while twilight was arriving I was setting up a camera on tripod for timelapse and suddenly saw that my tripod in front of me was getting illuminated from a light source BEHIND me, where theres no house, no nothing, just a mountain and sky, I turned around and saw a giant leonids trail that was glowing for about 5-6 seconds despite the sky not being pitchblack anymore and I was thinking Darn ! that fireball must have been a wowzer , too bad I missed it... well I sort of saw it as its light did illuminate my tripod. Anyway, heres a picture taken with Samyang 12mm f/2.8 ultrawide lens (its a panoramic crop ) with EOS 6D. Venus and Spica shine nicely. Matterhorn about image center.
this is morning fog filling Valais central in swiss Alps as seen from near Cabanne Ayroz , Mayens-de-Conthey. 3 seconds exposure at ISO 1600, manual aperture not recorded in EXIF, I may have closed it to f/4, I dont recall, at about 5:30 UT ( 6:30 AM local ).
looking forward to seeing Leonids here next night, good weather forecast.

timelapse video

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