Comet C/2018 V1 (16 Nov 18)
Taken by Jan Curtis on November 16, 2018 @ Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Comet was only ~11 to ~18 degrees above horizon when image was taken as twilight began to impact session.

This is a cropped 31x60s, iso 1600, Nikon d7100, Nikkor 180 mm ED f/2.8 @ f/2.8. Orion Sirius EQ mount was used. Moonless clear and temperature of 32F.

Used PixInsight processed fixing comet. Star trail represents 34 minutes lapsed time. Taken between 5:40AM to 6:14AM MST.
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Jan, nice captures! The caption says your comet images were in Cheyenne, Wyoming? Do you live in Cheyenne? Just asking because I live in Cheyenne. I dont really do astro, I do automotive photography. So I dont have a telescope or equatorial mount or even a long telephoto for my newer camera. But Ive been doing night shoots of cars with astroscape backgrounds. Im planning a shoot of the Geminids on December 14-15 (night after the peak, but that is when my friend is available with his Buick Turbo T that is like a twin to my Buick Grand National). I just read an article about the comet 46P. So I think a day before its closest approach, it should be visible to the naked eye, and certainly the camera sensor would pick it up. Nikon D750. Ill be using my 24mm f/1.4 probably at f/2.8-f/4 to cut down on coma and dim out some of the stars because its pretty dark where Ill be shooting-- when I did the Orionids there were so many stars that it was hard to tell the constellations. Even worse when I did the Perseids at an even darker location. Anyway, my frame will cover the area of east-southeast to southwest, as the meteor shower radiant moves through the night. If the comet is not in my frame, Ill set up my old camera to shoot it. Just wanted to check, if you are in Cheyenne, if you would be interested in shooting with me? Im not sure how messaging works on this site, I just joined it, but you can reach me at My website is and I have a Facebook page, and personal Facebook. And Instagram that I dont really use. Thank you!
Posted by BOLO-Photo 2018-12-01 12:30:23
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