Auroras And A Moonbow
Taken by Chad Blakley on November 19, 2018 @ Abisko National Park, Sweden
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Exposure Time: 13/1
Aperture: f/3.5
ISO: 1600
Date Taken: 2018:11:20 10:49:47
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Another INCREDIBLE night in Abisko! We have seen some impressive sights in Abisko National Park during the last ten years but last night truly was one of the most amazing things that we have ever been fortunate enough to experience. The evening started in the usual way – the Sun went down and the northern lights began to dance in the sky in reaction to a fast moving stream of solar wind. We were all enjoying the scene when suddenly a bit of rain started to fall in the distance. While this would normally be a disappointment, the moisture in the air combined perfectly with the bright Moonlight and created a Moonbow that shared the sky with an impressive aurora display. As you might imagine, this was a magical thing to watch! Our guests were happily taking pictures of the spectacle when a second layer appeared and we were treated to a double Moonbow and strong auroras. We often talk about the fact that we get to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience with our guests but what we enjoyed last night created a memory that could easily last two lifetimes. What a spectacular memory! Watch the show live here:
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