Sun Dog
Taken by Guy Cusimano on December 1, 2018 @ Shirley, New York, USA.
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  Camera Used: LG Electronics LGMP260
Exposure Time: 1/3027
Aperture: f/2.2
ISO: 50
Date Taken: 2018:12:01 14:04:17
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I was raking leaves with a friend of mine in his backyard on Long Island New York, and happened to look up at the sky and see what I thought was two rainbows reversed on each other. I later found out that this phenomenon is called sundog. A couple of the photos also have a weird dot or light in them, that appears to be moving around the prism like bands of the rainbow. It seems to be some kind of phenomena as well.
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It is not only a sundog, i.e. that is another word of a parhelion, which is not in the image frame but also may have been present. The well coloured arc is the circumzenithal arc. The second arc, that near the tree tops is the 22 degrees upper tangent arc, which is tangent to the sun-centered 22 degrees ring. Between these arcs there is a faint third arc, which can be determined as the so-called suncave Parry arc. And moreover, there is some faint arc of contact to the first-mentioned bright circumzenithal arc, and that faint one is known as the 46 degrees supralateral arc. In short: you have pictured an extended and quite rarely seen ice crystal halo display which found its origin in the ice crystals of the cirrostratus veil cloud.
Posted by pphv 2018-12-03 02:51:32
Weird dot of light is lens flare.
Posted by HDT 2018-12-03 10:08:31
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