Comet 46P Wirtanen & M45 LRGB
Taken by michael jäger on December 16, 2018 @ Turmkogel Austria
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UT 1.30
L-4x5 min
RGB 360/360/360
Tele 135mm/3.4 CCD
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This picture is spectacular-- even more so if you click through to see the full-sized image. Michael didnt add much detail so Im copying/pasting the info from the Space Weather site::

Michael Jäger took the picture on Dec. 16th from Turmkogel, Austria. To create the image, I combined 6-minute exposures through red, green and blue filters, says Jäger.

The colors in Jägers image are remarkable--a striking contrast of green vs. blue. Wirtanens green comes from diatomic carbon (C2)--a gaseous substance common in comet atmospheres that glows green in the near-vacuum of space. The Pleiades, on the other hand, appear blue because the stars themselves are that color. Hot and massive, the Seven Sisters shine their blue light into surrounding clouds of gas and dust, which reflect the azure hue.
Posted by aimzzz 2018-12-17 08:59:35
A very beautiful and detailed image Michael. The 135mm was a great choice for the lens, just to get the other subtle nebulosity in proximity to the Pleiades. Your 3.4 CCD also provided an amazing capture of other details. Thanks for posting.
Posted by markseibold 2018-12-17 15:04:12
Breathtaking image - congratulations !
Posted by JKetterer 2018-12-18 07:45:33
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