Lunar Eclipse (Keogram)
Taken by Kevin Palivec on January 21, 2019 @ Hawley, Texas
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Last night as everyone knows. We had a lunar eclipse. While everyone ran out to shoot photos. Id had a hard day and so. Just went to bed planning to see all the wonderful images people shot. What I didnt think of was that my skycamera (which wasnt pointed at the moon) Would still capture its passing via a KEOGRAM. Fo those who dont know what a keogram is. Its a method of producing a strip image of the entire nights sky. Showing the entire night as a horizontal image with time moving from left to right. Theyre used for the study of Aura. This one instead shows the sky darken and re lighten as the eclipse passed thru its various stages. Its interesting to note how the eclipse takes longer to reach the deepest point and then how quickly it then proceeds to fade as the moon moves out of the Earths shadow!
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