Lunar Eclipse With Meteoroid Impact
Taken by Johannes Blümke on January 21, 2019 @ Hamburg, Germany
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This is one picture of a series taken every 15 seconds during the total lunar eclipse on January 21st, 2019, showing the possible meteoroid impact on the lower left. The other pictures (+/- 15 seconds) do not show any sign of the impact. Unfortunately, this pic is a little blurred.
Camera: Nikon D90 (DX format), telescope Scopos Observer 62 mm /560 mm on Vixen Super-Polaris mount with tracking motor, however, poorly aligned as no stars were visible at the start of the eclipse due to fog and clouds.
The Nikon was used in manual mode, white balance set to auto. A remote timer of Aputure was used. The clock at the Nikon camera was set some hours before, so it should be accurate to about one second. The time differs by a few seconds from the reported impact time - but I do not know how the Nikon clock behaves at freezing temperatures.

The other photo, taken with a Canon PowerShot A610 pocket camera, shows the scene at the Aussenalster lake, point Schwanenwik, in Hamburg / Germany. B.t.w. - the beer bottle was not mine - a hot drink would have been more suitable to the temperature of -5° C.
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