Meteor Impact On Moon During Eclipse
Taken by John ONeal, NC Stargazer on January 20, 2019 @ Statesville, North Carolina, USA
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I went through my files of the Total Lunar Eclipse of January 20-21, 2019 looking for a file showing the Meteorite Impact at 04.41UTC. My file at that time showed nothing but I did find a bright spot in the following file at 04:42UTC. Perhaps my laptop was off by a few seconds...
The image below is a 4 second exposure shot at 800 ISO with a Canon 60Da at Prime Focus of an Orion EON ED80.

I and a friend who were observing the Eclipse naked eye, while my camera was shooting images, saw a very short, very fast meteor skimming near the southeast corner of the moon at around this time, but were not aware that it had struck the moon.
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Actually, what we saw could not have been what struck the Moon. Since we saw a meteor burning up in our atmosphere, it could not have struck the moon. Although the Meteoroid that struck the Moon and Meteorite we observed may have been related....
Posted by kohamher1 2019-01-24 01:15:02
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