Total Lunar Eclipse With Moon Halo
Taken by Bob Beal on January 20, 2019 @ Austin, TX, USA
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The main photo is a timelapse composite taken from my side yard in town. The sky looks almost clear, but thats because the stacking magically deleted most of the cirrus clouds, jet contrails, and lunar haloes, and a frames exposure was kept short enough to keep light pollution at bay. The halo you do see had to be reintroduced into the composite; its colors are real but had to be considerably boosted to be discernible.

The lunar halo photo was taken during the ending partial phase with the Moon nearly overhead.

The last photo shows the timelapse setup. :-)

Ill note here for posterity that I rate this eclipse at Danjon L2 - 2.5. Clouds were denser at the beginning of the eclipse; as the Moon approached totality I was afraid Id lose it altogether, but then they thinned out again, leaving behind the diaphanous cirrus haze seen in the lunar-halo photo. The uneven distribution of light across the Moons surface during totality was very evident to the naked eye.

There was also a curious effect to the naked eye shortly after totality, where the S edge of the Moon brightened and whitened to where it looked like a Martian polar cap as seen in a telescope. The effect was not evident in binoculars, and it disappeared 15-20 minutes later.

Image details:

-- Timelapse image: Panasonic G9 on photo tripod; Olympus 9mm f/8 semi-fisheye lens, angle of view 140*.
-- Exposure: Manually ramped between (f/8, 8 sec, ISO 200) outside of eclipse to (f/8, 10 sec, ISO 400) during totality; in-camera long-exposure noise reduction on.
-- Sequence: 615 frames via internal intervalometer, frame interval 30 sec, 8pm-1am, Jan 20-21, 2019, totality phase 10:41-11:43pm.
-- Postprocessed in startrails.exe and Paint Shop Pro X2.

-- Halo image: Panasonic GX8 handheld; Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 lens
-- Exposure: blend of 2 images: halo: f/2.8, 1 sec, ISO 800; moon: f/2.8, 1/160 sec, ISO 800

-- Silhouette image: Panasonic GX8 handheld; Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens
-- Exposure: 1 image; f/1.7, 1 sec, ISO 800

-- Eclipse stats:
-- Start partial: 9:33pm CST; start total: 10:41pm
-- End total: 11:43pm; end partial: 12:50am
-- Mid-eclipse: 11:12pm; duration: 1h 2m


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