Southern Moon
Taken by Howard Eskildsen on March 23, 2019 @ Ocala, Florida, USA
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Date Taken: 2019:03:27 08:43:54
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Clavius, Moretus, and Cabeus
2019/03/23, 09:54 UT

Clavius dominates the upper left of the image with its floor littered with younger craters and streaked by rays from Tycho, which is not on the image. Beautifully formed Moretus is at the right bottom third of the image. It shows little space-weathering and has a distinct central peak and terraced walls and sharp rim. I sometimes think of it as “Tycho-down-under,” sans the rays.

Just below Moretus, lies crater Short. To its left and slightly lower, four overlapping craters of Newton and its satellite craters angle downwards and slightly to the right. At the bottom of the chain, a small bright-rimmed crater resembles the open mouth of a guppy.

Sound fishy? Well, below and to the right of it, the largest shadow between it and the lunar horizon is the site of eternally-dark Cabeus where the LCROSS mission impact on October 9, 2009, showed evidence of water in the plume of its ejecta. So, it appears the little “guppy” is truly a fish out of water, but just barely!
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