Auroras - Bright Greenish Aurora Shapes A Bird Flying With A Running Rabbit Over Iceland
Taken by Miguel Claro on March 27, 2019 @ Iceland
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  Camera Used: Unavailable Unavailable
Exposure Time: 15/1
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 2500
Date Taken: 2019:04:05 20:24:27
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My first attempt to watch and photograph auroras was definitely a truly experience!

With a short travel of 3 days booked to Iceland, I had only two nights of try, although, the forecast was very bad for Reykjavic and for the western part of the island, with cloudy sky, snow and strong winds. So me and my girlfriend we start a chasing trip to catch some auroras, riding to the northern part of Iceland where some openings in the weather were expected. Fortunately, after 3 hours driving we found a nice spot in Vesturhopsvatn, where the sky seemed more clear, and after a few minutes outside the northern lights appeared in a very nice show of a greenish hue. Even appearing faint in the beginning, suddenly they start to increase its brightness in an intense live show where I could distinguish the movement of the northern lights with my own eyes.

Being March the best time to spot the northern lights over the Arctic Circle, during Springtime cracks are opening the Earth’s magnetic field and Solar Wind can penetrate more easily, firing the show in a phenomenon known as the “Russell-McPherron effect. On March 27 and March 28, a network of holes in the sun’s atmosphere was facing Earth, “spewing a filamentary stream of solar wind in our direction” according to Spaceweather. With a K-index expected to reach Kp= 3 on the first night and Kp=4 on the second one, the approaching stream was not so potent as a CME, although, it was powerful enough the spread bright auroras visible from Vesturhopsvatn, in Northern Iceland. Auroras can be seen in a wonderful variety of colours combined in different ways regarding altitude and the type of gas, forming beautiful and phantasmagoric shapes that can last during several minutes. The vertical panorama above, seems to reveal one of these epic moments with the incredible shape of a bird flying with a running rabbit. In the background sky, Ursa Major constellation is well visible in the top center, with Alioth star marking the “eye of the bird”.

I also made a labeled image, a version of the photo with lines drawn over it. I hope it helps to reveal this personal interpretation of the scene.
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