Crater Plato
Taken by Mario J. Avila Sobarzo on March 16, 2019 @ Home’s front yard. Santiago, Chile.
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Downtown Astronomy 25.
These are two bi-dimensional, non-identical, crater Plato and its surrounding lunar photos.
When stereoscope or crossed-eyes viewed creates a three-dimensional illusion´s image.
Plato and crater Bliss (left) are centered over the Mare Frigoris strait to North.
At bottom center: Crates Anaxagoras and Goldschmith. On top of these Epigenes . Craters Timaeus and Protagoras in lower right side of Mare Frigoris. On the left hand side crater Fotenelle. Between Mare Frigoris and Mare Imbrium pop-up Montes Alpes and Mont Blanc. Vallis Alpe separate both. It is already dawn over Montes Recti. Inside Mare Imbrium Montes Tenerife and Mons Pico swell as crater Piazzy Smyth are quite noticeable because albedo contrast.
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