Taken by Peter Desypris on May 12, 2019 @ Athens,Greece
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  Camera Used: Unavailable Unavailable
Exposure Time: Unavailable
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ISO: Unavailable
Date Taken: Unavailable
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Potential for a significant outburst..
LUNT LS100THa PT (Single Stacked) / B1800 / Barlow 2Χ / DMK31AU03.AS
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With compliment for high quality image.
Posted by astrocb 2019-05-13 03:52:14
Thank you so much Claudio
Posted by depes 2019-05-13 06:02:38
I use a little Solarmax 50mm for capture and an ASI camera with different softwares AS, MaximDL, PSP. How softwares do you use ? Thanks.
Posted by astrocb 2019-05-13 06:26:48
I use my DMK31AU03.AS with the Lucam recorder soft.
The ASI 120 MM with the Firecapture soft.
For processing my images: Autostakkert3!-ImPPG...and PS5
Thats all.

Grazie e saluti dAtene
Posted by depes 2019-05-13 08:36:54
Saluti anche dall Italia
Posted by astrocb 2019-05-14 05:52:25
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