C/2012 S1 Ison
Taken by Michael Jäger on October 5, 2013 @ Weißenkirchen, Austria
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  Camera Used: Unavailable Unavailable
Exposure Time: Unavailable
Aperture: Unavailable
ISO: Unavailable
Date Taken: 2013:10:05 09:13:16
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8/2.8 ASA SXV-H9

L-image 2x270sec UV/IR and 3x540sec green
RGB each 360sec 2x2 bin
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Beautiful! Finally some color:D
Posted by Brian Larmay 2013-10-05 08:37:05
Great pic, but as usual, no field of view/no scale (as far as I can tell). However using the ephemeris and SIMBAD, the two stars (which may or may not be a double) are GSC 01410-00772 and -00221, while the galaxy is UGC5213. The stars and the galaxy are at virtually the same declination (+16 42) and the diff in RA calculates to be 19 of arc. This implies the tail in the photo is about 10 long, which is rather decent, but the kicker of course is that those two stars below it are 10th to 11th mag.
Posted by rocksnstars 2013-10-07 14:49:16
Thats 19 minutes and 10 minutes of arc; the apostrophe did not register.
Posted by rocksnstars 2013-10-07 14:58:45
[quote]the apostrophe did not register.[/quote]

Minutes are >min< and Seconds are >sec< or so, FOV (= field of view) 10 degrees or 10 deg, 10 min etc.. Please use the EXIF also! The time/timespan would be of great interest.
Posted by astrowok 2013-10-09 05:16:58
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