Nova Centauri 2013
Taken by Gabriel Gonçalves on December 6, 2013 @ São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil.
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Nova Centauri 2013 (Nova in the Centaurus constellation). This photo was made with a Canon T2i, 18-55 mm lens, and is the result of a stack of 61 photos of 4s each (total: 4min 4s), f/5,6 and ISO 1600.
The photos were taken on December 6th, and the sky was very cloudy, reflecting the light pollution since my south is faced towards the São Carlos downtown. This time of the year rains a lot where in Brazil, so its hard to get a clear sky night. However, up to the end, I thought the effect of the clouds was nice.
In the picture you can see two bright stars: Beta Centauri (up) and Alpha Centauri (down). You can also see Epsilon Centauri in the left and Alpha Circinus in the right. The nova is near Beta Centauri and is highlighted in one of the pictures. I estimate that its magnitude is somewhere between +3.5 and +4.0.
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