Comet ISON: Negative Report Down To Mag 16.5
Taken by Eric Allen on December 8, 2013 @ Observatoire du Cégep de Trois-Rivières, Champlain, Québec IAU #924
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I tried to image what could be left of comet ISON and I unfortunately have to say that there is nothing that I can see down to about mag 16.5, not even a small condensation.

The first image is crop of a stack of 7 images of 30s each with a 40cm F4.4 newtonian and a STXL-6303E binned 2x2, tracked on the stars december 8th between 11h00 and 11h07 UT. No sign of the comet...

The second image is a stack of the same images BUT tracked on the comet with Astrometrica. Any leftover fragment would have appeared as points. Again, no sign of the comet...Sigh!

I know my sky backgrounds are not flat, I had problems with some trees (comet about 10 degrees above horizon...)
Th third image is the field of view of the images with TheSky (54 by 36 arcminutes), indicating where the comet should have been.

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Watching LASCO C3 on its exit it appeared to me to have been slowing up significantly leading me down the dust is all that remained path. I would search lower and days back in its projected path nearer the sun for recovery.
Posted by Jsauerii 2013-12-09 15:01:07
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