Taken by Bjørn Hugo Hansen on January 11, 2014 @ Øverbygd, Norway
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  Camera Used: Canon Canon EOS 5D
Exposure Time: 13/10
Aperture: f/2.2
ISO: 1600
Date Taken: 2014:01:14 00:17:46
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Minus 27°c … and i was standing on the ice by our cabin. In the distance i could hear cracking sounds from the ice. A strange sound – it sounds like a mix of a whale, bubbles hitting the ice and a small earthquake. Its the kind of sound that makes you understand why stories about trolls and goblins have some root in reality. It sounds quite scary. But it is not dangerous. Sometimes the sound is close – sometimes in the distance. I believe it is stronger tonight because of the big drop in temperature yesterday. The time is 21:14 and Aurora is dancing in the sky. Nothing spectacular. My planned motif was behind me. Aurora was getting closer and closer to mount Háhttagáisi. If i get lucky the image would look like a aurora borealis volcano. It was almost perfect – and i spoke to myself (why do we talk to ourself when we are alone in the wilderness?). “Come on Aurora – give me all you got”. And the BOOM! The sky exploded behind me. Lady Aurora twisted around in the sky – she threw her bridal veil all around. I was in ecstasy … and as if that was not enough … the ice under me made a large DRUN! I had never heard the sound of the ice crack this close before – and this was (almost) right under me. An enormous sound. A thin crack 5mm wide rushing over the lake – 2,5 km wide . To me it sounded like a fighter plane rushed over my head. Ecstasy and fear together.

Than it became quiet and Aurora disappeard.


Lens: Canon35mm f1/4L USM
ISO 1600
Focal Lenght: 35 mm
Exposure:1,3 sec at f / 2,2
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Great photo, thanx for the log!
Posted by Mesarthim 2014-01-17 02:34:13
Wow...what an incredible experience it must have been...AMAZING!!!
Thank you for sharing it with us :-)
Posted by noeleen22 2014-01-17 07:00:47
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