Taken by Douglas Kiesling on February 19, 2014 @ Sauk Rapids, MN
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The auroras were so bright, I could actually see a snowy owl on power pole back lit by the green glow with the moon light showing the details of the owl.
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Hello Douglas,
What a marvelous image!
The green sky is mind-blowing for some one who has never seen auroras in real life!
Question: How do you explain the tiny milky white dots in the image, is it some sort of photographic reflection or, as I have coincidently been exploring recently on the internet, pictures of what are known as orbs.
They look very similar to what people claim orbs look like. I have no real way of believing their information or not. So I was just wondering if as a professional photographer who unintentionally captured their image, if you could easily explain that the white dots are a technical issue or have no idea what they are. I dont feel it takes away from your photograph at all, in fact makes it an even more reverential tribute to the mysterious beauty of our universe .
The owl is stunning as well, btw.
Miss Patty
Posted by MissPatty 2014-02-19 13:14:26
Wonderful image, Douglas!


Hi, Im an astroimager.
The orb like objects in the green sky are out of focus stars.
Douglas camera aperture was wide open making his field of focus
very narrow. He of course, focused his camera on the beautiful
owl, resulting in a beautiful image.


Posted by bgucfa2014 2014-02-19 13:53:23
Hello Douglas,
Literally one night ago my wife and I each wrote our bucket lists, for a bit of a laugh and to see what we agreed on. We live in New Zealand and our agreed list started with some Arctic Circle wishes - to see the Northern Lights and to see a Snowy Owl! So I was thrilled with your photo!

(BTW in case there were any howling nearby, my next wish was to hear wolves, in the wild!)

Thanks again for the photo.
Posted by Shanta 2014-02-19 17:24:37
Hello Bill,
Thanks for explaining the orbs to me. Yes, of course, that makes much more sense .

Knowing that they are stars makes the photo even more stunning to me.

MIss Patty
Posted by MissPatty 2014-02-20 20:21:09
Great 2 for one shot! And I often get Orbs in my shots at night. Pretty sure it has something to do with small particles of material that a CCD or CMOS doesnt handle correctly. They have nothing to do with the super-natural though...
Posted by Mthalman 2014-02-24 13:01:49
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