Mars And Deimos
Taken by Peter Rosén on April 20, 2014 @ Central Stockholm, Sweden
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On the 20th of April I planed to capture Mars 2 moons Phobos and Deimos.
I knew from many unsuccessful attempts in the past that it is not an easy task due to the glare from Mars.
I rotated my 10 Newton telescope so the moons would not be positioned in the cross of light from the spider vanes.
Due to the rapid rotation of the moons I also limited the captures to a maximum of 3 minutes per sequence.
Phobos could not be identified as it was inside the overexposed area but Deimos was clearly shown on 2 of the films.
I also captured an image of the planet at the beginning of the session and inserted it as a reference of size and orientation.

The next day I tried again and combined the images into an animation of 45 minutes, shot between 22:01 UT och 22:46 UT.
I have also inserted the rotation path. Fortunately Deimos is staying on track :-)
Still no evidence of the elusive Phobos that will be much harder to photograph.

10 Newton with a 2,5x PowerMate and a DBK41AF02 camera
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Amazing work! What focal ratio or length is your 10 newt?
Thanks Ric
Posted by RicThiem 2014-04-24 13:10:34
Thank you Ric.
Its a f/4.8 Newton, focal lenght 1220 mm.
With the 2.5x PowerMate it gets up to f/12, 3050 mm.

/*Peter R
Posted by Peter R 2014-04-24 16:40:02
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