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Taken by Yasushi Aoshima on December 27, 2014 @ Ishikawa, JAPAN
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It was rarely good weather for the winter of my town, but with many thin clouds. The meteor with persistent trains came from the left at 24:55:20 JST.
Data: EF300mmF2.8L USM, CanonEOS6D, 12800 ISO, 20x15sec GIF (24:54:04-25:00:20 JST), field size: 4.7x6.1 (deg)
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wow what a lucky capture love it
Posted by milkyway1396 2015-01-03 19:47:19
A spectacular capture on your part! It is inspiring to me that you used the ISO setting at such at high value of 12800, but this shows that the comets tail is quite visible before the moonlight has interfered in recent nights. And the amazing meteor and its smoke trail!
So now with the comet tail developing even more in the past few days, once the full moon moves on to the eastern sky, we should see the comets tail quite well.

Thank you for posting your beautiful image!

-Mark Seibold, Retired IT Specialist, Artist-Astronomer, Portland Oregon USA
Posted by markseibold 2015-01-05 04:23:23
Thank you all.
Mark, ISO 12800 of EOS6D is available to use in composite, but still noisy in single use like this movie. Im also looking forward to meet some spectacular view of this comet in a moonless sky after few days. Thanks.
Posted by yasushi A 2015-01-05 07:40:14
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